What is OCBC$ and how do I earn it?
OCBC$ is awarded to you whenever retail spending is made on your OCBC Credit Card. You earn 1 OCBC$ for every S$1 charged to your OCBC Credit Card. The OCBC$ is calculated based on the value of Card transactions effected daily and rounded down to the nearest OCBC$.


Annual card membership fees, CashWise, IPP (with effect from 1 July 2008), Paylite transactions, interest charges, late payment charges, goods and services taxes, cash advances, balance transfers, , bill payments made via Internet Banking, bill payments made via AXS, and other fees and charges are excluded from the calculation of OCBC$.


Effective 1 July 2015, in relation to spend incurred on any Ezlink and Transitlink transactions posted on a relevant credit card account ("ezlink spend") in a relevant calendar month, OCBC$ will only be awarded on an amount not exceeding S$200 of the total ezlink spend for that calendar month.
How do I qualify for OCBC$?
All OCBC Credit Cardmembers are eligible for the programme, except OCBC NTUC VISA Card, OCBC Robinsons VISA Card, Rebates earning Cards (e.g. OCBC 365 Credit Card, FRANK Credit Card, OCBC Cashflo Credit Card, OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card), Voyage Cards, corporate cards, private label cards and all Cards that have been suspended or terminated.
When do my OCBC$ expire?
Effective 1 July 2015, all OCBC$ earned from 1 July 2015 will expire on the last day of the 24th calendar month following the relevant calendar month such OCBC$ was earned.


Example, if you have earned OCBC$ in the month of July 2015, these rewards points will expire on the last day of July 2017.
What happens to OCBC$ that are earned by my Supplementary Cardmember?
OCBC$ earned by your Supplementary Cardmember are credited to the Principal Card Account and you (the Principal Cardmember) can use them to redeem for OCBC Rewards.
Can I combine the OCBC$ that I have earned from my different OCBC Credit Card Accounts?
Effective 22 March 2011, OCBC$ earned from different OCBC Credit Cards of the same OCBC Principal Cardmember will be aggregated.


From 22 March 2011, the Rewards Summary in your monthly statement will show your loyalty points balance combined based on the currency of the loyalty point awarded to your respective Credit Card(s). Here's an example.


Your consolidated Rewards/Rebates for the Period 01 Mar 2011 to 31 Mar 2011
Rewards Currency Sources Opening Balance Earned this Period Redeemed this period Adjusted this period Available Balance Expire in Mar 2011 Expire in Apr 2011
OCBC$   125,567 4,812 - - 130,379 - -
4508-9800-XXXX-XXXX   100          
5240-4000-XXXX-XXXX   1,131          
5400-1266-XXXX-XXXX   3,581          
Robinsons$   5,800 200 - - 6,000    
  4524-19XX-XXXX-XXXX   80          
  4524-19XX-XXXX-XXXX   120          
How can I find out my OCBC$ balance?
Your OCBC$ balance is reflected in your monthly Credit Card statements. Alternatively, you may also check your OCBC$ balance at www.ocbc.com/rewards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or call us at 1800 363 3333 or (65) 6363 3333 (for overseas callers).
How do I redeem for OCBC Rewards?
You can easily redeem the gifts you desire by using our Rewards Webpage, Internet Banking, Phone Banking or Mobile Banking services.


For your convenience, we have provided a simple guide for you.


OCBC Rewards Webpage Easy Guide


Step 1: Sign-in at http://www.ocbc.com/rewards using the last 8 digits of your Account No. (or Credit Card No.), your ID no.(NRIC, FIN or Passport No.), and your Date of Birth.


Please note that only Principal Cardholders are able to redeem for rewards.
Step 2: Click on "Full Catalogue" to view the wide array of OCBC Rewards available.


Or you can simply select a reward you would like to redeem under "Redeemable items". Our new personalized rewards guide will present you with a list of eligible rewards based on your current OCBC$ balance.
Step 3: Select the reward items which you wish to redeem for and click on "Add to Cart".
Step 4: Ensure that all selected items are reflected in the list and click on "Check Out".
Step 5: Click on "Next" to confirm redemption.
Step 6: An acknowledgement page will be available for you to print out for reference.

The Rewards Voucher will be sent to you within 7 working days.



OCBC Internet Banking Easy Guide


Step 1: Log on to https://www.ocbc.com/internet-banking/ using your Access Code and Internet Banking PIN.
Step 2: Select "Rewards".
Step 3: Select "Rewards Redemption".
Step 4: Select the Account / Card No. to redeem from. Please note that your OCBC$ Reward voucher will be sent to the corresponding mailing address of the selected account. To redeem an OCBC$ Reward that requires OCBC$ and cash, please select a credit card account as the cash component will be debited from your credit card account.
Step 5: Select the Rewards category you are interested in.
Step 6: Select your desired Reward and click "add to my shopping cart".
Step 7: Select the quantity of the Reward you wish to redeem.
Step 8: Select "Check Out" to confirm redemption or click 'Continue Shopping' to continue redeeming more Rewards.

The Rewards Voucher will be sent to you within 7 working days.



OCBC Phone Banking Easy Guide


Call 1800 363 3333 or (65) 6363 3333 when overseas.


Step 1: Press 1 for English, 2 for Mandarin or 3 for Malay
Step 2: Press 3 for Rewards Redemption
Step 3: Press 1 to confirm
Step 4: Enter your 16-digit Card Number
Step 5: Press 1 to confirm
Step 6: Press 1 to redeem
Step 7: Enter the 6-DIGIT PRODUCT CODE
Step 8: Enter quantity to redeem

Press 1 to confirm

Step 9: The Rewards Voucher will be sent to you within 7 working days



OCBC Mobile Banking Easy Guide


Step 1: Click on "View Rewards Catalogue" to view the reward items available or click on "Check OCBC$ & ROB$ Balance" to check your rewards balance.
Step 2: Select the rewards category which you are interested in and click on the reward item which you wish to redeem for.
Step 3: Click on "Redeem Now" to redeem.
Step 4: Enter the last 8 digits of your Account No. (or Credti Card No.), your ID no.(NRIC, FIN or Passport No,), and your Date of Birth.
Step 5: You will be requested to enter the quantity for the item that you have chose to redeem.
Step 6: Click on "Submit" to confirm your redemption.

The Rewards Voucher will be sent to you within 7 working days.


When can I make redemptions?
We are pleased to inform you that OCBC Rewards Webpage, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
How do I browse the Rewards that I am eligible to redeem with my current OCBC$ balance?
We have added a new feature in the OCBC Rewards webpage that allows you to browse Rewards that you are eligible to redeem with your current balance. Simply sign in at www.ocbc.com/rewards and check out the Redeemable Items section at the end of the page.
When will my OCBC$ be deducted?
Upon successful redemption, the corresponding OCBC$ will be deducted from your OCBC$ account immediately. The Rewards Voucher will be mailed to you within 7 working days.
How do I convert my OCBC$ to KrisFlyer miles?
Simply log in to internet banking and provide us with your KrisFlyer membership information within KrisFlyer miles Redemption Registration tab. Thereafter, sign in at OCBC Rewards page to redeem your OCBC$ for KrisFlyer miles.
Can I transfer my OCBC$ to another account?
If you are the Principal Cardmember, you can now transfer your OCBC$ to another OCBC Credit Cardmermber. Simply log in to internet banking and provide us with the designated Credit Card number. Do note that the beneficiary account must be a Principal Cardmember. 2,300 OCBC$ will be deducted from your selected Card Account for each transfer.
How do I pay the cash portion for a partial redemption?
The cash portion for a partial redemption is automatically billed to your OCBC Card Account that you selected in Internet Banking or the Card Account that you used to login to the Rewards Webpage.
What is the OCBC Rewards Programme?
The OCBC Rewards Programme allows you to enjoy a wide selection of OCBC Rewards with the OCBC$ you earn by using your OCBC Credit Cards. You can redeem your gifts simply by logging on to Rewards Webpage, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking or calling our 24-hour OCBC PhoneBanking service at 1800 363 3333 or (65) 6363 3333 (for overseas callers).
How will I receive my Rewards Voucher(s)?
The Rewards Voucher(s) will be sent to your OCBC Credit Card’s mailing address as stated in the bank’s records.


If you have more than one OCBC Credit Card with different mailing address, the Rewards Voucher(s) will be sent to the corresponding mailing address of the Credit card


  • • which you chose to redeem from within Internet Banking; or
  • • of which you used the card number to sign in the Rewards Webpage for rewards redemption.
When will I receive my Rewards Voucher(s)?
It will take a few days to process your redemption and deliver the voucher(s). You should receive them within 7 working days
What is the validity period of my Rewards Voucher?
The Rewards Voucher is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of its issue unless otherwise stated.
Can I extend the validity of my Rewards Voucher?
We regret that we are unable to extend the validity of your Rewards Voucher.
Can I request to cancel my redemption?
Sorry, you will not be able to cancel redemptions once you have requested them.
I have received my Rewards Voucher. Can I nominate someone else to claim the Rewards on my behalf should I be unable to do so?
You may nominate your Supplementary Cardmember to use the Rewards Voucher on your behalf. Simply complete the nomination form printed at the back of your Rewards Voucher.
How do I collect my Rewards?
To collect your Rewards, you or your Supplementary Cardmember must present the relevant Rewards Voucher together with your/his OCBC Credit Card, as proof of eligibility, to the relevant participating merchant as well as sign on the Rewards Voucher.


The Rewards Voucher redeemable for a specified item is subject to availability and terms stated in the voucher. Do note the terms of use stated within the Rewards Voucher.