Importance Notice
Due to scheduled maintenance,
  • Funds Transfer service will not be available on 27 November 2015 (Friday) 03:00am to 03:30am.

Security Advisory: Alert on Interception of SMS OTP (04 November 2015)  
Be aware of phishing emails or mobile messages (e.g. from SMS, WhatsApp) that mislead you to download/update mobile apps or software embedded with malware onto your mobile devices or computers.
This may cause the malware to steal your online banking login credentials, credit/debit card details or personal information.
SMS OTP may be intercepted through compromised or infected mobile devices and used for fraudulent banking transactions.

What you should do:
  • Do not click on any hyperlinks provided in mobile messages (e.g. from SMS, WhatsApp), email attachments or hyperlinks from suspicious sources.
  • Do not act on any instructions provided in mobile messages (e.g. from SMS, WhatsApp), or emails from suspicious sources.
  • Always type in the URL of OCBC website directly into the browser address bar.
  • Install and maintain the latest anti-virus software on your computer/mobile devices.
  • Do not key in your Access Code, PIN, OTP, card details or mobile number into suspicious websites or mobile apps.
  • Follow our online banking security practices here
  • OCBC will never request customer confidential information via email or SMS. If you notice any unusual activities, please log off immediately and call us at 1800 363 3333.
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